Ontario Drivers License

Can you recall when you turned 16? It was a big day in my life as I'm sure it is in thousands of other Ontario youth, as this was the day that we got our Ontario drivers license. Don't even attempt to deny it. We all cherished that little card so badly we could hardly stand it. It would change our lives forever. If you are a male, I know how anxious you were to acquire that legal piece of plastic that said you could finally drive on your own. It signified cruising about with your mates and taking your best girl out on a date.

Indeed, the very definition of a Ontario drivers license is freedom. So many of us really think that we can venture out to any place, near or far, once we've attained the Ontario drivers license. I imagine that was a little overly optimistic. Not to sell the Ontario Drivers License short, but like many other things, the reality never quite lived up to the expectation. Nevertheless, it's great to finally get your Ontario drivers license and enjoy the sweet freedom that it brings.

When did you get your Ontario drivers license? I remember that I got mine the very day I turned 16. Where I came from, we could get our learners permit when we turned 15, so I already logged some pretty good miles. Finally the Drivers license was possible. What I find amusing now days is the change in peoples mindset. I see our 17 boy and scratch my head. He was pretty indifferent about getting his Ontario drivers license right when he hit the age of sixteen. What's that all about? Have things changed so much in the last couple decades? He more or less said that he would sit for his Ontario Drivers License when he had time or got around to it. Although we were clearly puzzled, we decided not to push it. Eight months later I guess he found the proper motivation and got his official Ontario drivers license.

Do you have a Ontario drivers license? The bulk of adults do. I think it's kind of a annoying that we have to get new ones each time we relocation. How come we can't I just keep the same one? We seem to move  on a regular basis, and I dread always having to go back to the DMV or BMV as they call it here, and test for a new drivers license. Having a drivers license makes our day-to-day life quite a bit easier. If you have not yet received your first drivers license, you can always get a head start by getting online. The great thing is that nowadays it is comparatively easy. You can prepare for that much-anticipated Ontario Drivers license to freedom before you even reach the age of 16.

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